Tesla Powerwall Brochure

The Tesla Motors logo and logotype featured on the front of the brochure
This piece was developed as promotional material to help inform potential consumers about the benefits to installing a Tesla Powerwall home battery in their homes.

The result is a brochure designed to take readers on a step-by-step journey (which is also illustrated to simulate the path that electricity follows through a Powerwall or Powerwall-like system) through all of the most important information they’ll need to know before deciding if a Powerwall system is right for them.

The brochure is a journey which the reader takes by following the red path through the brochure. The gate fold first opens to provide a view of the primary message, Your Home Meets Nature, and opens again to the main content. This includes information about how the system works, what is required to set it up, and even includes some figures on average hydro costs in Ontario and relevant data showing average output for a small roof system for comparison.

Once unfolded, the journey begins at your home travels through the information contained within the brochure, and ends at nature, representing a move to a more sustainable way of living.