Summit – Employment Compatibility

A preview image of the full Summit research poster
Nobody enjoys looking for work. Whether by pounding the pavement with a stack of resumes in hand or the ambiguity of sending off an email and hoping for a reply. It’s also a large time commitment and causes all kinds of stress to an individual, but as it turns out, the process can be just as grueling for a company looking for an employee. Enter the Summit Employment Compatibility Assessment System, a theoretical system that is designed to provide the maximum amount of relevant information about a candidate to an employer as well as minimizing the financial and time commitment for both parties.

This poster is summarizes months of research and development that included interviews with local employers and job search professionals, literature reviews, several rounds of user testing, and prototyping in order to deliver a solution employers in the Kingston area would want to use. Specifically, it needed to be a low-cost solution that could provide reliable test results that could be easily understood and utilized by an individual who is neither skilled in performing interviews nor have any skill in assessing personality traits.

The finished product is a branded folder containing a set of instructions and guiding points for an interview process on the inside flaps, a printed summary of a candidate’s application results, a comparison of those results to the position they’ve applied for, question suggestions based on the application results, and the application results themselves for further questioning.