Rough Cuts Poster

A preview image of the full Rough Cuts poster
Using the supplied metaphor of “diamond in the rough”, the Rough Cuts poster was designed to represent both the 2nd year students of St. Lawrence College’s graphic design program, the program itself, as well as act as a colourful invitation to those outside of the program to see the progress being made by the 2nd year students.

Using the lens of the vaporwave musical movement, as well as aesthetic cues from early digital graphic design work, this piece speaks to the discovery and progressive refinement of the student’s talent. In order to visualize this, legibility issues and other imperfections were introduced into the piece. Scan lines and other CRT display distortions have been added to give the piece an almost kinetic energy as well as a retro aesthetic, and a diamond has been partially obscured in the background as a direct tie to the supplied metaphor. A clean, geometric sans serif was chosen both for clear legibility as well as stylistic contrast from the supporting elements.

The message here, is that like a diamond, a student’s value isn’t initially derived from their humble beginnings, but is determined at the end of a process that shapes them into something valuable.