Island Puppet Party App

A close-up shot of the Island Puppet Party logo.
Island Puppet Party was designed based on the needs of early childhood educators in the Limestone District School board. As technology has evolved, so to have the ways in which children learn. The L.D.S.B. has taken a position of learning through discovery and exploration. To this end, the applications they allow on their digital devices must incorporate both play and learning into a single, integrated experience.

The app was designed to be both fun and educational for children of age 5. To accomplish this, colours were kept bright and cheery, and the interface was kept simple enough so that even children who might be experiencing difficulty in subjects like reading and mathematics could navigate it without issue.

The app was designed with three games in mind, each with multiple levels within, and increasing levels of complexity as players progress through the game. The games consist of reading and writing exercises in which the player uses their finger to draw letterforms. A counting game with cards, success in which provides the player an opportunity to create bigger and bigger houses of cards. And a rhythm and music game to develop hand-eye coordination, some basic numeracy skills, and an interest in music.