Photograph of James Mathieu Chambers
James Mathieu Chambers is an illustrator and graphic designer, and the owner and operator of Steamhammer, a small design studio outside of Kingston Ontario, and is a creative who constantly aims higher with each project, focuses on and attends to the smallest details, and has specialized in innovative and creative solutions across different fields for nearly 10 years.

A bit of a jack of all trades, and always trying to learn more. He is perfectly capable in most design fields including type, branding, design thinking, interaction and UX design, even some web dev here and there. Comfortable working within established visual languages and a big fan of problem solving. The tougher the nut to crack, the better.

He’s always looking for new ways to grow creatively. So if you’ve got a neat project and you need to have something drawn or designed, please drop him a line.

Twitter: @strangeape
Instagram: @jamesmchambers